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  • 09

    AIM filling machinery

    AIM Project Case Collection FormProject Name: Filling MachineryIndustry: Packaging IndustryProject Description: Application of the multi-point positioning and speed adjus...

  • 09

    AIM palletizing manipulator

    AIM Project Case Collection FormProject name palletizing manipulatorIndustry packagingBrief introduction of the project Double X-axis, double Y-axis synchronous belt elec...

  • 09

    AIM screw lock system

    AIM Project Case Collection FormProject name screw lock systemThe industry is the automotive electronics industryBrief introduction of the project This machine mainly use...

  • 08

    What are the advantages and disadvantages of PLC c...

    First: simple PLC architecture is cheap and stable, and the application of the technical threshold is low! This is the most important, so now many devices are used to ach...

  • 08

    Electric cylinder, electric slide maintenance

    Standard electric cylinder / electric slide1. Standard linear slide maintenance must first remove the cover plate and put on the grease into the appropriate grease2. Stan...

  • 08

    Introduction and Application of Servo Motor Electr...

    As the lack of labor in coastal areas is becoming more and more serious, which indirectly promote the development of electric cylinders, especially in the automation bega...

  • 08

    Main features of electric slide

    The main features of the electric slide can be represented by three main parameters:Accuracy: different industries on the electric slide precision requirements are differ...

  • 13

    Ball screw "AIM - drive world" key mechanical part...

    Modern people are often amazed and curious about the ancient works of those large projects, such as the pyramid, the Great Wall is how to build, there is no large-scale i...

  • 23

    What are the classification of the electric slide ...

    What are the classification of the electric slide according to the transmission mode?Gear drive electric slide:1, because it is teeth bite, there is a reverse gap;2, the ...

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